promo videos for JazzStrings

Denmark 2017

Runtime: 2 minutes

Music Instructor: Alexander Kraglund

Directors: Sylvia Nicolaides & Nicolas Iordanou

Director of Photography: Nicolas Iordanou

Editing: Sylvia Nicolaides

Sound: Sylvia Nicolaides

Color correction: Nicolas Iordanou


JazzStrings is a project initated by violinist Alexander Kraglund in collaboration with JazzDanmark. The goal is to give string talents within the classical field deeper insight of the jazz musician’s improvisational approach, expanding their horizon and musical conduct.

When you improvise, you work on several levels at the same time, and improvisation demands a strong focus on communication, interaction, timing and intuition. For this reason, jazz improvisation has an indespensable potential in the acquisition of musical skills in general.