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IF is an interactive 3D video art installation that explores the possibilities of one's choices in a specific moment. It gives the opportunity for the viewer to become a witness of one's actions allowing him/her to experience them in three parallel possible 'scenarios'.


The video consists of three parts, three seemingly identical videos that present a figure holding and hanging from a rope. Being filmed in stereoscopic 3D, the figures seem to be coming out of the screen. Additionally, being filmed from above looking down with their hands being closest to the camera, gravity is completely altered and the viewer becomes the center, the gravitational attraction.


At first sight, the three videos appear to be identical, with just the image of the figure hanging from the rope. However, every few minutes the figure in each video moves, reacting to the viewer’s movement towards the figure, so each video changes, allowing the viewer to see the different possible scenarios according to the figure’s decisions. The viewer is able to experience the figure’s different reactions at the same time, something that cannot happen in reality. In reality you cannot see the realisation of all possibilities of your choices, so what this installation aims is to give the opportunity for one to experience this; you can see three screens at the same time, presenting three different possible scenarios of one figure according to her decisions in one specific moment (the figure could climb, could fall, etc.).


The aim for this installation is to work as a metaphor for our everyday decisions and choices that we make, along with the different outcomes that occur. This project will present the chance for one to observe and experience life’s possibilities.



Presented at the 3D Prague Film Festival at Mramorový Sal Palace Lucerna, Prague, Czech R. 2013

stereoscopic 3D Video Art instalation

Directed by: Sylvia Nicolaides

Director of Photography: Alyssa Mello

Performer: Stéphanie N'Duhirahe


Czech Republic



Installation View